CSS Table and CSS Link
CSS Link:

A link or hyperlink is a connection from one Web resource to another. Four ways to define links in CSS

linkvisitedactive and hover.


        a:link {                                              /* unvisited link */

        color: #FF0000;

        text-decoration: none;


        a:visited {                                        /* visited link */

        color: #00FF00;


       a:hover {                                          /* mouse over link */

       color: #FF00FF;

       text-decoration: underline;


       a:active {                                         /* active link */

       color: #0000FF;



CSS Table:

Tables are commonly used to present tabular data. When we create a table in HTML without any style it displays in the browser without border so we will use CSS to solve this.


      table, th, td {

                border: 1px solid black;