Django is a python web development framework,
Features of Django
Most of developer and companies preferred the Django framework
Installation of Django
In our previous tutorial we learn about introduction and history of django and all features related to django
How to create project
In our previous tutorial we learn how to install django and now we learn how to create project and create app using terminal for widows and Ubuntu user.
Django Model -MVT
This is the modification of MVC architecture although Django core architecture is based on MVC but in MVT implementing some variation of MVC architecture
Django Models
In previous page we learn overview of MVT architecture with some overview of Models, View and Templates.
Django View
In django app view contains all methods which used to link with url and display on local web browser.
Django Templates
Django Templates is the most important part of any front end developer. All static files as media, css and javascripts are created inside templates directory.
Tree structure of Django project
It is the organized file structure of project, it makes easy to go any file easily.
Django Admin interface
Before starting admin interface, first go through the Django models because admin interface is the part of the models.
Django Database connections
By default Django support sqlite3 database if developer want to change database like MySQL or any other we can only change it through file and run without and stuff.
Django URLS
URLs in Django are in the format of regular expressions, which are easily readable by human’s.
How to create "Hello word" app?
Here we will create hello world app, it is a simple app which help to learn basic structure and flow of project.
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