Features of Django
  • Documentation: Most of developer and companies preferred the Django framework because it provides a structured documentation than the other framework in the market. Documentation make easy to understand and learn about any technologies so if documentation is easy and organized then it make easy to maintain any web application.

  • High scalabilityScalability means that at what scope or level, our technology gets to implement. For bigger websites like Instagram, there are lots of active users (millions of them) which generate data in huge amounts (terabytes of data/day).


  • Versatile: Django is versatile in nature because it provides us with a solid foundation which can then be used to make whichever application we want to create. It allows extending Django with all the technologies we work with and also with the upcoming ones. Therefore, Django is the future of web development and everyone who was previously using PHP will majorly use Django

  • Secure:Django is highly secure than the other framework because it covers the loopholes by default. Although while using Django you may not feel it but those expert backend developers can tell the quality and security of the work done by Django.


  • Provide rapid development: Django provide rapid development facility than the other. Here, rapid development means that we won’t need expert backend knowledge to make a fully functional website. We will also not create separate server files to design the database and connect the same while also making another file for transferring data to and from the server.