HTML Images

To place images on a webpage, you will be using the <img> tag. The src attribute denotes the location of the image.


                   <img src="nkr.jpg" />

Accessing an image from different places:

With 'alt':

It give default output when their any problem to find image or missing of images.




Image size



Image borde

Image alignment:


                <img src="/images/nkr.jpg" alt="default" border="1" />


                <img src="/images/nkr.jpg" alt="default" width="50" height="50" />


                 <img src="/images/nkr.jpg" alt="default" />


               <img src="/images/nkr.jpg" alt="default" align="left" />


In this tutorial, we learn how to upload images in our web application and how to use the attribute of the <image> tag. I hope it is very useful for your application and we will update more things as per your requirements time to time if you support. Our aim to provide all useful HTML resources which will help to develop applications.