HTML Links

It is a connection from one Web resource to another. The <a> tag is the tag used to create links on a webpage. <a> called a anchor tag.

Attribute of <a> tag:

  • href 

       Denotes the webpage or resource to link to.



  • target

       Denotes where a link will open. By default, it will open in the same window, but you can set it to open in a new window         by setting the target attribute to "_blank"



  • title

       Sets a title for the link that will appear in a small box when you move the mouse over the link.



                   <a href="url">text that will be displayed as the link</a>

                   <a href="" target="_blank">codersarts</a>

                   <a href="">

                          Click here to go to HostForWeb web hosting company homepage

                          </a> <br />

                          <a href="" >title="Learn about Apples"> Apples are good! </a>

Type of links:

  • Internal Links

       When you link your pages within your own directory tree limit is called Internal Link.




  • External Links

       External links which link your pages to other websites.​






                   <a href="">Table Border</a>

                   <a href="tables/border.html">Table Border</a>


                   <a href="">W3C Help</a>


In this, we have cover hyperlinks which used to connect more than one files or any web links.

Here we have been tried to handle different types of hyperlinks like internal, external, etc.