Installation of Django

In our previous tutorial we learn about introduction and history of django and all features related to django. Now in this we learn how to install django in our machine.

Install python3

Frist insure that python install or not your machine if not then first installed it and then install Django.

Install Django

Here we learn how to install Django in our machine. In this tutorial we use pip to installed Django in our local machine.

For Windows User

For windows user pip command used to install Django. First go to the command prompt and run this pip command to install Django.

            > pip install django

This command will install Django’s latest stable version and we will be working on the same.

            >pip install django==2.2

This command used as per your version choice.

For Ubuntu User        

Sometimes developer face more confusion to install Django when we use different machine which have different OS like Ubuntu here we give another command to installed it into Ubuntu.

           > $pip install –e django