Table of content
Table of content
JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. By using this you can make your webpage more interactive.
Variables in JavaScript
It is the most important topic because of all the JavaScript application included variables and other,
JavaScript Comments
In JavaScript we have been learned two types of comments:​
External and Internal JavaScript
Internal JavaScript: It means we use JavaScript within the same file
JavaScript Array
An array is an object that can store similar type item or collections of items.
JavaScript String
It is an object which is a combination of sequence of character. We define it in two way:
Date() function in javaScript
It is an object which used to find the year, month and date. In this we will learn how to date Date constructor used to implement Date object:
Math methods in JavaScript
There are many methods which used in JavaScript math methods: abs(), ceil(), floor(), max(), min(), pow(), random(), sqrt(), round(), log(), cos(), asine, etc
Loops in JavaScript
Javascript uses three types of the loop:
Conditional Statement
In JavaScript there are three types if-else structure are used:
JavaScript Functions
Functions are very important and useful in any programming language as they make the code reusable.
DOM in JavaScript
In JavaScript DOM is used to update, edit and delete elements and attributes.
JavaScript Window Objects
It represents window on browsers.
JavaScript debugging
Two methods are used to debugging JavaScript code:
Class in JavaScript
In JavaScript class is defined with the constructor.
Class Objects
Three way to create JavaScript object